New to running? A beginner?


Keen to give it a go? Worried that you’ll not cope?


 Try us at Nailsea Running Club.


The club is aware that the regular Tuesday and Thursday evening club runs are seen by some people outside the club as being over taxing or even frightening!

Previously the club had not offered any specific training or shorter runs for beginners or for people returning from injury, etc. So, early in 2015 we introduced a less strenuous and challenging introduction to running.

Again, from the New Year, we intend to offer the same introduction.  So the club will also do a specific shorter and slower run on each Tuesday evening aimed at a mixed ability group (over – 18). These will take the same format as the usual club runs being around the town on lit streets. However the distance will be about 2 to 3 miles and the duration about 35 to 45mins. This will include walk / run options depending on the experience of runners present on each evening.

However if you are a runner of any type you might like to consider not waiting until January but come along and give it a try anyway; or at least get in touch and discuss.

As on any of our club runs we will continue to operate on the basis that absolutely “nobody gets left behind”! How do we do that? Well come along and find out. And, the runs are not competitive.

Although the winter may not seem like the best time to start running, it has to be said that running really gets the internal heating system working well even on a cold wet evening. After the run you are welcome to join other runners in the bar; maybe the icing on the cake.

Then as we move into the spring and summer we will organise similar length and pace off-road and “around the lanes” runs.

All these runs will start at the same time and place as the normal club runs and will be led by experienced club members: 7pm at the Nailsea and Backwell Rugby Club.

So, just turn up and give it a try on any Tuesday or call / email the chairman for more information: