NRC League Rules

A Brief Introduction

The purpose of the NRC League is to promote racing in order to provide a focus for members’ race calendars, a competitive interest, a means to improve performance, enhanced enjoyment of racing, trying different races and an opportunity for socialising with fellow members and members of other clubs.  The NRC League is open to all paid up members of Nailsea Running Club.

Twelve races will be chosen by the Committee. These will be a mixture of road, off-road and multi-terrain races and will be between 3 and 13.1 miles in distance.  The committee select the league races for based on the following criteria:

  • Not likely to sell-out quickly
  • Potentially ‘Do-able’ for majority of members
  • Varied selection of events, up to HM
  • Aim to support local clubs
  • If we did it this year choose another for next year (in general)
  • Entry fees mainly <£30
  • Within c50 mile radius / 1 hour’s drive but mainly within local area

Members score points according to their finishing position in their age/sex category. The aim is to score the most points within one’s age/sex category. Each competitor can play one Joker in the year. When you play your Joker on a race your points in that race are doubled. At the end of the year the best 8 race results are totalled for each competitor.  The maximum score is 90 points; this consists of  7 x 10points plus 1 x 20 points scored by playing the Joker.

The NRC League runs from January 1 to December 31 in each year.

The Rules of the Nailsea Running Club League

1) The NRC League is only open to all paid up members of Nailsea Running Club.

2a) Participants score points as follows: highest placed finishers in their age/sex category get 10 points, 2nd placed 9 points, down  to 10th and lower placings 1 point.  Members will need to record their results on a Google form which will be posted on the Facebook page and on the website. If members do not have access to these they can email their results to the Committee.

2b) You can score points running with someone else’s entry number but ONLY if such transfer is permitted by the particular race and that you have notified the race organisers for the purpose of Health & Safety conditions.  Note the opposite is not allowed – someone else cannot run under your name and score points for you in the NRC league.

3a) NRC age/sex categories are:

  • Male: 18 to 29 years.
  • Female: 18 to 29 years.
  • Male 30: 30 to 39 years
  • Female 30: 30 to 39 years.
  • Male 40: 40 to 49 years.
  • Female 40: 40 to 49 years.
  • Male 50: 50 to 59 years.
  • Female 50: 50 to 59 years.
  • Male 60: 60 and above.
  • Female 60: 60 and above.

3b) A member’s age category is determined by their age on January 1st.

4a) One Joker per competitor is allowed a year.  On playing this you score double points (i.e. 20 max).  The joker may only be played for nominated races. To play the Joker simply email at least 3 days before a race.

4b) If you fail to start a joker-notified race due to injury or illness you can re-use in another race. If it was the last race of the year unfortunately the Joker is lost in that year, as Jokers cannot be carried over to the following year. Failure to complete a started race unfortunately means the Joker is lost in that year.

5. Members should wear recognised NRC tops (blue/yellow/green bands), where possible and appropriate. 

6. Any disputes not covered by the above rules will be resolved by the NRC committee, if necessary. Notify any claims, appeals or corrections as soon as possible after the race.  

7a) After the League has finished the winners and runners up of each category will receive an award. If the winner has taken part in more than 4 races a cup will be awarded; if fewer than 4 races were completed then a certificate will be awarded. Presentations will be made at Awards Night the following year.

7b) If a category is tied then the member with the best ‘head-to-head’ record wins i.e. in the races where both tied members were present the one with the most wins over the other wins. If still tied, the member competing in the most league races wins. If still tied, a tie is the final result.